GCV Touchstone – CVC Benchmarking Survey 2022-23

GCV Touchstone aims to provide the most current operational and performance data for the CVC industry.  With our annual survey, the CVC community has the opportunity to share individual program data in return for an aggregate view of the industry summarized in our annual World of Corporate Venturing report published each January. More in-depth analysis of the data is available via the Institute benchmarking platform and services.

The survey covers a broad range of industry-critical topics – the more questions you answer, the richer the data we can make available to you and the CVC community. Participation will earn you a free digital copy of our summary report. Global Corporate Venturing will keep your responses and identity strictly confidential from any third party, including collaborators and sponsors. If you have any questions or concerns about this report and how the information will be used, please contact Kaloyan Andonov at kandonov@globalventuring.com   

Thank you in advance for your help,
 James Mawson  Founder & Editor-in-chief, GCV
Liz Arrington, Managing Director, GCV Institute
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