CVC Benchmarking Survey 2023-24 
『GCV キーストーン』
ベンチマーク・アンケート調査 2023~2024年

Please help us put together the most comprehensive overview of the state of global corporate venture. The GCV Keystone annual survey has become an important tool that allows corporate investment units to benchmark their performance and operational models, and we would like to include your views to make sure this truly is representative of the industry.


The survey enables the global CVC community to contribute anonymous individual program data in return for an aggregate view of the industry summarized in our annual World of Corporate Venturing report. More in-depth analysis is available via the Keystone benchmarking platform which allows peer filtering of the data (e.g., by region, investment sectors, program maturity phase, operating model…).


The survey covers the critical topics that define a CVC program including Charter & Funding, Structure and Governance, Investment Strategy, Performance, Team & Compensation, DE&I, software tools...  The more questions you answer, the richer the data we can make available to you and the CVC community. Survey participants receive a digital copy of the summary report.


Global Corporate Venturing will keep your responses and identity strictly confidential, including from any third-party collaborators. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kaloyan Andonov at   

Global Corporate Venturingは、第三者の協力者を含め、皆様の回答および組織の秘密を厳守します。ご質問やご不明な点がございましたら、弊社のカロヤン・アンドノフ(までご連絡ください。 
Thank you in advance for your help,

Maija Palmer, Editor, Global Corporate Venturing
Global Corporate Venturing編集者

Liz Arrington, Managing Director, GCV Institute and Keystone Benchmarking
GCV InstituteおよびKeystone Benchmarkingマネージング・ディレクター
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